Test Taking Instructions

Table of Contents: The following links will jump you to a specific spot in the instructions.


Welcome! You are about to take the SCI.

The SCI is a test divided into three sections, and each section will take approximately 7 to 10 minutes to complete.

Client: If you have been asked to take the test by your therapist, this test will help your therapist better understand and work with you.
Research Subject: If you have been asked to take the test by a researcher, this test will help further research in important areas.
Students: If you are a student taking this test as a part of a class, please follow the test taking instructions, and also continue reading the 'Student Help' section.

To take the SCI, you must first have been given three things from your Clinician/Educator/Research Coordinator:

Now you are ready to take the test. Simply use the following 3 steps described below:


Step 1: Login to the test. To create a new test, hit the Login button. Type in the Account Name, Folder Name, and Test Number where you wish the test to be stored. You should have been given this information by your Clinician/Educator/Research Coordinator. You must also supply a password (typed twice), so that others will not be able to access your test. Please write it down somewhere safe, so that you will remember it, as you will need them to access your test in the future if you don't finish the test in one sitting.

When done, hit the submit button. We will verify that the test name does not already exist. If so, you have successfully created the test! Hitting the submit button will take you to the Test Info page.

Please Note: In the future, you can access this test in the same manner that you created it. Follow the Login menu selection, and provide the same Account Name, Folder Name, Test Name, and Password.

You are now ready to take the test.

Test Info

You can get to the Test Info page either by logging in from the Login menu selection, or by hitting the Test Info menu selection (if you have previously logged in).

Step 2: Take the test. After hitting the submit button from the Login page, you will be at the Test Info page and will have access to your test. Click the View/Edit Answers button. You are now at the first page of the test.

On the first page of the test, you will type in your Name, ID number, Age and Sex. When done, hit the Next button to proceed to the first question. Continue by answering all questions and hitting the Next button when finished with each page.

It's best to take the test in one sitting. However, if you need to stop, you can always access your test at a later time through the Login menu selection on the left.

The SCI is divided into 3 sections. Instructions for each of these 3 sections will be given as you take the test.

In order for anyone to be able to generate a report from the test, all answers must be completed. At any time, you can hit the Skip to End button to see which questions you have not answered yet. You can get to a specific question by typing in the question number and hitting the Go to Question button. To make this process easier, the default value for the Go to Question button is the first unanswered question in the test.


Step 3: Logout. Once you have finished the test, you may logout by pressing the Logout menu selection on the left. This is important, as it will prevent anyone that subsequently uses the same computer to view your information by using the browser 'Back' button.

If you cannot finish the test in one sitting, you can logout, and then login again at a later time to finish the test.

You are now finished! Thank you.


If you are a student taking the SCI as part of a class, there are a couple of modifications to the 3 step procedure outlined above in the 'Login' section. Non students do not need to visit these instructions.

Please follow this link for additional student instructions: Additional Student Instructions.